gamma mx
Technical Data Right head displacement by means hand wheel
Reading of the cutting dimension on high precisio metric scale with micrometric adjustment
Sliding of the moving head by means of ricirculating ball bearings on rectified and tempered guides
Radial sliding of the sawing group
Full protection of the sawblades by means of hoods with automatic closing
Pneumatic heads tilting at 90° and + 45°
Possibilty to mount sawblades Ø 500 - 530 - 550 mm
2,2 Kw (3 HP) 3 phase motors - 2800 r.p.m.
Sawblade shaft Ø 30 mm
Cutting lenghts 4000/5000/6000 mm
Working pressure 7 bar
Overall dimensions 524-624-724x139x155 cm
Weight 1200 - 1350 - 1500 Kg
Standard Equipment Horizontal pneumatic clamps
Automatic lubrication device be means of nebulizer
Air filter
Air gun
Service spanners
Optionals Reading of the cutting dimension on digital display
Vertical pneumatic clamps kit (1 cylinder/head, tot. 2 cylinders)
Vertical pneumatic clamps double kit (2 cylinders/head, tot. 4 cylinders)
Turning vertical clamps kit
Pneumatic central support
Manual central manual support
Right head in feed roller conveyor
Reduced cut modification c/w in feed roller conveyor
Vee notch device for PVC profiles
Micro-spray nebulising device
Pneumatic support for long bars